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Kassel School of Medicine:
Medical study in England and Germany

The deadline for applications has now passed.

Medicine knows no limits and the Kassel School of Medicine will stay internationally active.

After Britain´s vote for a BREXIT the University of Southampton and the Kassel School of Medicine are committed to continue their cooperation to offer bilingual education of medical students in Southampton and Kassel.
It is obviously an uncertain time but we will do everything we can to ensure that BM(EU) Programme remains of the highest quality and we will do our best to help our students become the high quality European doctors we know they can be.

Since winter semester 2013 the Kassel School of Medicine offers the chance to undertake an innovative European medical study. In a bilingual degree course according to the BM5-medicine-programme of the University of Southampton, the students will be trained to become a doctor in five years and are therefore able to start their registration and working careers one year earlier then students at German universities.

In this study programme of the University of Southampton and the Kassel School of Medicine, students will spend the first two years in the tradition rich university town of Southampton which is located on the South coast of England. There they will learn the basics of medicine at the University of Southampton and also gain practical and clinical experience in hospitals and doctors offices in the area.

After the third year of study, students will move to the cultural town Kassel, which is part of the Unesco World Cultural Heritage since 2013. Kassel also has the biggest Bergpark in Europe and is known for the “documenta”, the internationally important exhibition of contemporary art. At the Klinikum Kassel, where about 73,000 inpatients and more than 200,000 outpatients are treated every year, the students will refine their knowledge and receive an excellent clinical oriented education, which ends with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) from the University of Southampton and accredited by the English General Medical Council (GMC). The successful completion of a research project during the third year of study additionally authorizes for the title Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc).

Content, structure and procedure of the study programme are reviewed twice a year by the British General Medical Council (GMC) who oversee all medical training in the UK. This is a very rigorous quality assurance process and all medical schools curricula must comply with Tommorrows Doctors 2014. The current report for 2014 for the BM(EU) Programme can be found here.

In addition, the current recommendations of the Scientific Council to further the medical studies in Germany (2014), which in human medicine are based on the model / reform programs, are in accordance with the Southampton curricula.

All advantages at one glance:

Applicants who already graduated

Applicants who already graduated another study can also be accepted. They go through the same application process like everybody else.

A change of study to the Kassel School of Medicine from another medical study is not possible at the moment because of the modularized study system and the small number of only 24 places.

Please note that the study is still being developed and single requirements can still change. Information’s are correct as of 15.01.2015.

Broschüre Kassel School of Medicine (PDF) Präsentation KSM 2015 (PDF)
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